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Privacy Policy

Compass strives to provide consumers with transparency and choice regarding our marketing practices , consumer privacy and protecting consumer personal information.


On June 28, 2018, California signed into law the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018, which grants California consumers new rights regarding the collection and disclosure of information about them. Effective January 1, 2020, companies will be required to provide California residents with access to the categories of personal information collected about them, the specific pieces of personal information collected about them, and the types of companies with whom the personal information was shared. CCPA also grants consumers a right to delete their information and a right to opt out of future data sales and sharing.

While the CCPA covers California residents only at this time, we at Compass believe all U.S. consumers should be able to request access to Compass’s marketing data summary of the information we have in our databases about your household.

Consumers may contact Compass to request a marketing data summary by (1) calling us toll-free at 800.705.8316 or at 402.438.3222, (2) by emailing your full name, full postal address, and date of birth to, or (3) by completing our online Marketing Data Summary Request form here.


Compass is a provider of business and consumer information products, data processing services, and marketing and sales solutions. The information complied by Compass to support these products incorporates several data elements for businesses and consumers. The information is acquired from reliable sources and Compass utilizes quality control procedures to verify and maintain the accuracy of the information.


Compass complies with all applicable federal and state laws concerning data privacy, as well as best practices and procedures and guidelines established by industry groups of which the company is a member, including the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Compass maintains agreements with its customers containing controls on the data as required by the applicable laws and industry standards.


The Compass web server does not recognize or collect domain names or email addresses of those visitors to the Compass website. We do gather information from visitors who communicate with us voluntarily through email, site surveys, and/or site registration. This data is used solely for the purpose of providing you with information about Compass products and services, upcoming events, and improving our website content.

Compass does not share information gathered via our website with other organizations for commercial purposes. If you do not wish to receive email communications from Compass in the future, you may unsubscribe by clicking the Unsubscribe link located at the bottom of our company emails, or by emailing us at In your email to us, please provide us with your exact name, address, and email address and we will remove your name from our company marketing database.

Please contact us by emailing us at, or by calling us toll-free at 800.705.8316 or at 402.438.3222 if you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy. You may also contact the ANA at 212.697.5950.


Protecting consumer privacy and promoting trust in marketing is important to Compass. We’re committed to balancing the information needs of businesses with the privacy concerns of individuals.

You may view Compass’s Privacy Policy in full here or via the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of our website.

Do you wish to opt-out of a Compass product or database?  Please call us toll-free at 800.705.8316 or 402.438.3222, complete our Consumer Opt Out form here, or email us at and a customer service representative will be happy to assist.


Who We Are And What We Do

Compass is a data compiler with offices in Florida and Nebraska. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. Many companies that sell products you may use every day have been working with us to improve their marketing efforts. We help companies build better relationships with their customers and find new customers for their products or services.

Companies may come to Compass to get more information about their current customers or to obtain information about potential customers who may be interested in their products or services. This information helps make the advertising more relevant and enables a company to send you offers more tailored to the things that interest you. Companies want to find the best fit for their products, and Compass helps them determine their optimal target market. This benefits you, as the offers you receive will be more tailored to things you may be interested in. This process also helps companies control costs, since they focus their efforts on sending materials to people interested in their products.

What types of consumer information does Compass have?

Compass’s consumer database has consumer information related to household purchases, demographics and interests, and self-reported information about consumers and their households. We obtain information from a number of sources, and we use quality-control procedures to help identify inaccurate or out-of-date information.

What kinds of information are not part of these databases?

Compass does not have Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account numbers or other financial accounts, credit card numbers, password information, or health-related information.

How can I opt out of Compass’s information sharing?

You can call us toll-free at 800.705.8316 or 402.438.3222, complete our Consumer Opt Out form here, or email us at and request not to receive marketing mailings that result from Compass data.

By opting out with us, you’re opting out of Compass’s marketing databases only, not databases belonging to other companies. Other companies similar to Compass provide consumer information to marketers for marketing purposes, and you should also opt out with them if you don’t want your information shared for marketing purposes.

It’s important to understand that when you opt out with Compass, we don’t delete your information. We mark it on our databases as “Do Not Share.” We do this because if your information is deleted, in the future, we would have no way to know that you requested that your information not be shared. When you’re marked as “Do Not Share,” we’ll know that you didn’t want your information shared in case your information is later resubmitted. We want to be sure that consumers’ requests are honored until we’re told of a change.

How can I see what information Compass has about me?

We’re happy to provide you with information that Compass has in our databases about your household. If you have questions about this information, you can contact us toll-free at 800.705.8316 or 402.438.3222, email us at, or complete the Marketing Data Summary Request form here.

For your protection, we’ll first need to verify your identity, as we want to make sure information is not shared with someone else. Similarly, we can’t provide unverified access to another household’s information. If you’re receiving mail for someone who doesn’t live at your address, please contact Compass and we’ll opt that person out of our databases.

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