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Online Applications

Internet Applications

Compass offers comprehensive and accurate Consumer & Business Information for various Internet applications.

Ad Targeting
Compass provides online advertising technology providers with the relevant and accurate business and consumer data they need to build the most effective target audience.

Email Marketing
Compass is the clear choice for performance-driven email-marketing services. Our capabilities in email prospecting and email append make Compass your full service partner that delivers a sound product with impeccable service. You won’t find a more accurate or targeted email prospect file.

Online Directory Assistance
Compass is an industry leader in compiling and verifying business and consumer information. Our comprehensive and accurate information offers up-to-date address and phone information that is vital to online directory assistance.

Mapping/Point of Interest Information
Compass is an industry leader in providing local business listings and Point of Interest (POI) data for navigation, local search and location-based services.

API Real Time Data Enhancement
The Business Data Source web-based API (Application Programming Interface) from Compass allows instant and on-demand access to a database of over 17 million business establishments in the US, with rich information on each business. By using the API, software developers can quickly and easily integrate this data into practically any software applications that deals with customer data.

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