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Offline Applications

Compass provides Consumer and Business information for a variety of offline applications

Direct Mail Prospecting
Direct Mail is an effective way to advertise your products and services. Key components to a successful direct mail campaign are targeting the right audience and accurate information that gets delivered. Compass is a trusted source of accurate, in-depth and highly deliverable business and consumer direct mail data.

Telemarketing is a personal and targeted way to reach your prospective target audience. Compass offers comprehensive and accurate business and consumer phone information on 126 million household and 17 million businesses, to help you connect with your most lucrative prospects.

Risk Management
The Compass Business Intelligence product provides businesses with in-depth and accurate information on their applicants. This information allows businesses to protect themselves by enabling them to quickly access business information on US and Canadian businesses, including the hard to find small office/home office segment.

Customer File Enhancement & Analysis
Compass Data Enhancement services help you expand upon and maintain accurate customer files. We can append both business and consumer attributes to your customer file, allowing you to classify your best customers so you can more effectively engage with current customers and find new customers just like them.

Our analytics services help you discover and acquire new customers, strengthen your relationships with existing customers and more effectively leverage your marketing dollars. Compass can provide a detailed profile of your existing customer base, segment your customer file and perform list scoring to strengthen your prospecting campaigns.

Mobile Marketing
Engage and connect with active, on-the-go consumers and business owners with the products and services they seek.

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