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Industry Listing

Industry Knowledge, Experience, and Intelligence

List Brokerage/List Resellers
Compass provides business and consumer data products for the industry’s leading resellers and brokers.

Compass offers data solutions for various industries through online and offline applications. Industries: B2B, Small Businesses, Financial Services, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retailers, Not for Profit and Business Professionals.

Online applications include email prospecting and email append, real time append via API, lead generation, ad targeting (PII to Non PII Conversion), customer relationship management (CRM) and online directories.

Offline applications include marketing and sales lists, direct mail prospecting and customer engagement, telemarketing, risk management, customer file enhancement and segmentation, mobile marketing and data hygiene and standardization.

Ad Agencies
Compass provides agencies with the solutions they need to help their clients find new customers and grow their business. Agencies depend on our team for accurate data, fast turn around times and segmentation and modeling capabilities.

Agency Services
Marketing & Sales Lists
Email Prospecting
Data Hygiene & Standardization
Data Append & Enhancement

Data Compilers
Compass provides the industries’ top compilers with ancillary data to augment and enhance their current product offering. Compass offers one year unlimited use licensing of our Business Intelligence database, which provides you with the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility, pricing and control.

Credit Bureaus
Compass offers business information for commercial credit reports and risk services to all of the major credit bureaus. This information includes business name, contact information and “firmagraphic” elements. Compass offers one year unlimited use licensing of our Business Intelligence database, which provides you with the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility, pricing and control.

Financial Services
Compass has the data and experience financial institutions need to identify potential leads. Our comprehensive and accurate consumer database consists of all of the demographic, lifestyle, financial and life stage information you need to reach your ideal customer.

Demographic Information
Financial and Homeowner Information
Lifestyle Information
Behavioral Information

Business & Professional Services
The Compass Business Intelligence database offers comprehensive and accurate information with all the “firmagraphic” selections needed to reach your ideal potential clients.

Industry Classification – SIC & NAICS Codes
Top Contacts
Number of Employees
Sales Volume
Business Email

Real Estate
Compass offers a robust database of consumer and homeowner data to help you target your most lucrative prospect.

Pre Movers
Financial and Homeowner Data

Reach physicians, dentists and nurses by specialty by utilizing our Business Intelligence databases.

US Physicians
Medical Doctors Offices & Clinics
US Dentists
Dentist Offices & Clinics
Canadian Physicians
Canadian Dentists
Canadian Dentist Offices & Clinics

Retailers can target their most lucrative customers by utilizing Compass Business and Consumer data products. We provide extensive demographic, behavioral, lifestyle, financial and homeowner data on individuals and comprehensive information on businesses.

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US Business Intelligence
US Household Intelligence
Pre Mover Intelligence
Business & Consumer Email
Customer Analysis & Segmentation

Office Products
The Compass Business Intelligence databases provides information with all of the “firmagraphic” selections needed to target and reach your business customers.

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US Business Intelligence
Small Office Home Office Intelligence
US Business Email Intelligence
Hispanic Owned Business Intelligence
Women Owned Business Intelligence
Out of Business Intelligence
Canada Business Intelligence

The Compass Business Intelligence database offers a comprehensive professional segments ideal for reaching seminar attendees.

Popular Segments
Business Owners
Human Resources

Not for Profit
Reach the right donors at the right time with the right message by utilizing the Compass Consumer Intelligence products. We offer extensive demographic, behavioral, lifestyle, financial and homeowner data to help you target your most lucrative donors.

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US Consumer Household Intelligence
US Consumer Date of Birth Intelligence
US Consumer Email Intelligence
Data Hygiene and Standardization
Data Enhancement and Append
Data Analysis and Segmentation

Printers & Mailers
Compass offers printers the accurate and comprehensive business data they need to target their ideal customer. Elements like industry classification, employee size and sales volume have proven a successful combination for the printers currently utilizing the Compass Business Intelligence database. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in uncovering the combination that will provide you with results.

Find the best auto prospects possible by using accurate and comprehensive consumer information covering 126 million households with names, addresses, phone numbers matched with household and individual demographic information. Access quality sales lead data for consumers ready to buy.

Compass has an accurate consumer database covering 126 million households. Educators have trusted this data to reach prospective students with outstanding results. Our experienced team knows the right mix of data elements proven successful for educators through out the years. A sampling of these elements is provided below.

Popular Selections
Children Age Ranges
Children by Gender
Education Level

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