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Executive Team

Compass Partners

Todd Love 

Todd has 25 years of experience with both online and offline database product and business development.  Throughout his career, Todd has maintained crucial, senior-level Product and Corporate Development roles during the successful sale of 5 different companies.   His roles have included Founder, Partner, EVP Product Development, EVP Corporate Development, EVP Business Development, EVP Data Acquisition and EVP of Sales.  Prior to his involvement with Compass, Todd’s experience included service at CMGi/YesMail, Primis/Accudata Integrated Marketing and Acxiom/Direct Media, as well as many consultative roles throughout the database marketing, Internet marketing, and telecommunications industries. Todd was a founding partner and Executive Vice President at CMGi/YesMail, Inc., and an innovator in online advertising and email audience targeting, where he guided product direction during the company’s IPO and subsequent sale to CMGi. Todd holds a degree in Business and Communication from the University of New Hampshire.

Todd’s responsibilities include the oversight of corporate strategic direction, business development, client services, and marketing.  Todd can be reached at 239.273.3142 or at

John Hartmann

John began his career in the Database Marketing industry over 20 years ago at Experian/Metromail as Director of Client Services. Since that time he has held database product and business development positions with Acton Direct and he was a Founding Partner and EVP of Product Development at Nyberg Solutions. John’s experience with both U.S. and International data compilation has served Compass well as he oversees operations, compilation within 3 countries and IT.  John’s tenured experience with both traditional and cutting edge data-processing techniques has been instrumental in driving Compass’s patented and rapidly evolving software and hardware capabilities.  These key disciplines now allow for the fastest database build, verification and integration processes within the U.S., Canada and the U.K.  John earned his BA from the University of Nebraska.

John’s responsibilities include the oversight of compilation, IT, data processing, and facility operations.  John can be reached at 402.438.3222 or at

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