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Data Append and Enhancement

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Compass Data Enhancement provides added insight about your customers and prospects, empowering you to make the most effective sales and marketing decisions. Compass Business Data Enhancement will provide insight into your business customers, giving you the intelligence you need to market to your customers and prospects more effectively. Compass can append site level “firmagraphic” elements to your customer file, which will give you the ability to segment your database by industry (SIC Classification or NAICS code), sales volume, employee size, years in business, women owned businesses, and much more. Compass Consumer Data Enhancement helps you expand upon and maintain accurate customer files, so you can stay connected with your most valuable customers as well as find new customers. Compass can append demographic and behavioral information to your customer files, allowing you to gain knowledge about what your best customers “look like.” Adding demographics to your customer file allows you to classify your best customers and creates additional customer touch points, so you can more effectively engage with current customers and find new customers just like them. Compass Business Phone Verification & Append allows you to expand your marketing and sales opportunities by adding phone numbers and verifying existing phone numbers on your customer and prospect files. The more ways that you have to reach your target audience, the more effective your marketing efforts will become. Compass Marketing Data Enhancement has several online applications including real time data append via API, ad targeting (PII to Non PII Conversion), customer relationship management (CRM) as well as online directories. Compass Marketing Data Enhancement also has several offline applications including appending data to your customer and marketing files, direct mail prospecting-databases, telemarketing lists, risk management, customer segmentation and list scoring.

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