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Compass offers consumer household and demographic information covering 150 million individuals in the US and over 11 million consumers in Canada. Compass compiles and verifies specific consumer information pertaining to key household and consumer statistics. This information includes the current residence of the consumer, the consumer’s exact age, the connected phone and email address, the for-sale status of the residence, the household internet connection speed and the household internet service provider. For Canadian Consumers there is also a wide variety of available demographic data to help target ideal prospects.


Compass embraces every data-driven application in both online and offline environments. Data applications include customer prospecting, file enhancements, CRM, analytics, email marketing, internet display, social media, direct mail, telemarketing, lead generation, and online data management–to name a few. The Compass Team specifically understands how data will be used within various technical environments that help to reinforce a mutually successful relationship with our partners.

Compass Consumer Segments

PreMovers–Active Homes for Sale

Consumer Email Addresses

Canadian Consumers with Demographics

Consumer Exact Date of Birth

Consumer Household Connection Speed and ISP

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