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Consumer Opt Out Request

Protecting consumer privacy and promoting trust in marketing is important to Compass, a MeritDirect LLC company. We’re committed to balancing the information needs of businesses with the privacy concerns of individuals.

By opting out with us, you’re opting out of Compass’s marketing databases only, not databases belonging to other companies. Other companies similar to Compass provide consumer information to marketers for marketing purposes, and you should also opt out with them if you don’t want your information shared for marketing purposes.

It’s important to understand that when you opt out with Compass, we don’t delete your information. We mark it on our databases as “Do Not Share.” We do this because if your information is deleted, in the future, we would have no way to know that you requested that your information not be shared. When you’re marked as “Do Not Share,” we’ll know that you didn’t want your information shared in case your information is later resubmitted. We want to be sure that consumers’ requests are honored until we’re told of a change.

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