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When it comes to navigating the world of email marketing, you need a reliable partner that not only delivers ideal results but also can assist with managing a complex process. With our industry leading email marketing tools and award winning technology, Compass is your clear choice for performance driven email-marketing services. Our capabilities in email prospecting and email append make Compass your full service partner that delivers a sound product along with impeccable service.

Email Prospecting

The Compass Business Email File is the email prospecting solution you’ve been waiting for. Target your audience with the Compass “firmagraphic” criteria combined with over 6 million verified and connected email addresses.

You won’t find a more accurate or targeted email prospect file.

Business Email Licensing

Compass offers one year licensing of our Business Email database, which offers you the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility, pricing and campaign control.

With this option, you can license the entire database or just a portion of the file and deploy as many campaigns as you like within one year of license date.

Business Email Append

The Compass Business Email Append Solution allows you to leverage the power of your existing customer list to communicate directly with top decision makers at their business email address.

Our technology solution allows Compass to append new email addresses, resulting in the freshest and most deliverable data to be appended to your customer data asset. Our append quality is twice as high as the nearest competitor as we fully verify every email appended by using our proprietary verification process.

Compass also has the ability to append additional “firmagraphic” elements to your customer file, which will give you the ability to segment your customers by SIC Classification, sales volume, employee size, years in business, NAICS code, etc.

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