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With the rapid evolution of technology and the growing prevalence and availability of information, the role of data publisher/compiler has needed to evolve as well. Today, the role of the data compiler is to create accurate, updated and verified products but must also be able to help translate this information into any medium or environment. Likewise, Compass not only compiles and verifies clean, accurate information, but our team is dedicated to ensure content integration onto any platform. The dual focus on data accuracy as well as data integration is what sets Compass apart from our competitors.

Compass compiles and verifies a business-to-business database of 17.7 million total U.S. businesses, 4.2 million small office/home offices, 15.7 million top decision makers with email and phones, and 1.5 million total Canadian businesses. These business databases also offer site and enterprise-wide data selections that are necessary to target and segment ideal business customers. It is because of the scope and accuracy of these flagship business products that Compass has become an industry leader in business information compilation and verification.  Compass applies the same high standards to all of our products. We offer data products and services in the following areas:  US and Canadian Businesses, Pre-Movers, Consumer Emails, Consumer Households, Household Internet Connectivity, and Canadian Consumers.

The Compass state of art data processing facility offers merge/purge, address and telephone appends, address standardization, file enhancement and analysis, CASS™, key coding, and NCOALink® for both Business and Consumer databases.

Compass embraces every data-driven application in both online and offline environments. Data applications include customer prospecting, file enhancements, CRM, analytics, email marketing, internet display, social media, direct mail, telemarketing, lead generation and online data management–to name a few. The Compass Team specifically understands how data will be used within various technical environments that help to reinforce a mutually successful relationship with our partners.

The Compass team is dedicated to compiling data content that is unique and price competitive, with coverage and accuracy that is imperative for utilization within today’s rapid evolving applications.

Do you wish to opt-out of a Compass product or database?  Please call us at 402.438.322 or email us at and a customer service representative will be happy to assist.  Our privacy policy is available by clicking the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page.

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